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Type Members

  1. trait GridVisitor[-T <: Grid[Int], +R] extends Serializable

    Visitor used to reduce values in a two-dimensional grid T to a single result R

    Visitor used to reduce values in a two-dimensional grid T to a single result R

    The user should implement concrete subclasses that update the value of result as necessary on each call to visit(raster: T, col: Int, row: Int).


    Be sure to handle the empty state. This could occur if no points in T are ever visited.


    User implementations intended to be used with geotrellis.spark.summary.polygonal.RDDPolygonalSummary must have a zero argument constructor so that new instances can be instantiated automatically. GridVisitor is contravariant in T and covariant in R in the same fashion as Function1. This allows more generic concrete Visitor class implementations to satisfy type constraints for T at the call site, and the inverse is true for R. As a contrived example using GeoTrellis types, where Raster is a subtype of CellGrid: val DoubleVisitor: GridVisitor[CellGrid[Int], Double] = ??? def usesRaster(visitor: GridVisitor[Raster[Tile]], Any]): Unit = ??? usesRaster(DoubleVisitor) will compile. For an alternate explanation on covariance and contravariance that might help to clarify this, see: - -

  2. trait Implicits extends AnyRef
  3. trait MultibandTileSummaryMethods extends MethodExtensions[MultibandTile]

    Trait containing MultibandTile extension methods for summaries.

  4. class PolygonalSummaryBench extends AnyRef
    @BenchmarkMode() @State()
  5. trait SinglebandTileSummaryMethods extends MethodExtensions[Tile]

    Trait containing Tile extension methods for summaries.

  6. case class Statistics[T](dataCells: Long = 0, mean: Double = Double.NaN, median: T, mode: T, stddev: Double = Double.NaN, zmin: T, zmax: T) extends Product with Serializable

    Data object for sharing the basic statistics about a raster or region.

Value Members

  1. object GridVisitor extends Serializable
  2. object Implicits extends Implicits
  3. object Statistics extends Serializable

    Companion object for the Statistics type.

    Companion object for the Statistics type. Contains functions for generating empty Statistics objects.