package merge

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Type Members

  1. trait Implicits extends AnyRef

    A trait holding the implicit class which makes the extensions methods available.

  2. trait MultibandTileMergeMethods extends TileMergeMethods[MultibandTile]

    A trait containing extension methods related to MultibandTile merging.

  3. abstract class RasterMergeMethods[T <: CellGrid[Int]] extends MethodExtensions[Raster[T]]

    A class providing extension methods for merging rasters.

  4. abstract class RasterTileFeatureMergeMethods[T <: CellGrid[Int], D] extends MethodExtensions[TileFeature[Raster[T], D]]
  5. trait SinglebandTileMergeMethods extends TileMergeMethods[Tile]

    Trait containing extension methods for doing merge operations on single-band Tiles.

  6. abstract class TileFeatureMergeMethods[T <: CellGrid[Int], D] extends TileMergeMethods[TileFeature[T, D]]
  7. trait TileMergeMethods[T] extends MethodExtensions[T]

    Trait guaranteeing extension methods for doing merge operations on Tiles.

Value Members

  1. object Implicits extends Implicits