package histogram

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Type Members

  1. class FastMapHistogram extends MutableIntHistogram

    The FastMapHistogram class.

    The FastMapHistogram class. Quickly compute histograms over integer data.

  2. trait Histogram[T <: AnyVal] extends Serializable

    Data object representing a histogram of values.

  3. trait IntHistogram extends Histogram[Int]

    The base trait for all integer-containing histograms.

  4. abstract class MutableHistogram[T <: AnyVal] extends Histogram[T]

    All mutable histograms are derived from this type.

  5. abstract class MutableIntHistogram extends MutableHistogram[Int] with IntHistogram

    All mutable integer histograms are derived from this class.

  6. class StreamingHistogram extends MutableHistogram[Double]

    Ben-Haim, Yael, and Elad Tom-Tov.

    Ben-Haim, Yael, and Elad Tom-Tov. "A streaming parallel decision tree algorithm." The Journal of Machine Learning Research 11 (2010): 849-872.

    NOTE: The order in which values are counted could affect Bucket distribution and counts as StreamingHistogram instances are merged, due to the way in which bucket boundaries are defined.

Value Members

  1. object DoubleHistogram

    Object housing DoubleHistogram constructors.

  2. object FastMapHistogram extends Serializable

    Companion object for the FastMapHistogram type.

  3. object IntHistogram extends Serializable
  4. object StreamingHistogram extends Serializable