package geotiff

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  1. case class GeoTiffMetadata(name: SourceName, crs: CRS, bandCount: Int, cellType: CellType, gridExtent: GridExtent[Long], resolutions: List[CellSize], tags: Tags) extends RasterMetadata with Product with Serializable
  2. case class GeoTiffPath(value: String) extends SourcePath with Product with Serializable

    Represents a VALID path that points to a GeoTiff to be read.

    Represents a VALID path that points to a GeoTiff to be read.


    Path to a GeoTiff. There are two ways to format this String: either in the URI format, or as a relative path if the file is local. In addition, this path can be prefixed with, gtiff+ to signify that the target GeoTiff is to be read in only by GeoTiffRasterSource.

    1. "data/my-data.tiff"

    2. ,
    3. "s3://bucket/prefix/data.tif"

    4. ,
    5. "gtiff+file:///tmp/data.tiff"


    The target file must have a file extension.


    Capitalization of the extension is not regarded.

  3. class GeoTiffRasterSource extends RasterSource
  4. class GeoTiffRasterSourceProvider extends RasterSourceProvider
  5. class GeoTiffReprojectRasterSource extends RasterSource
  6. class GeoTiffResampleRasterSource extends RasterSource