package s3

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Type Members

  1. class AmazonS3URI extends AnyRef

    A URI wrapper that can parse out information about an S3 URI.

  2. implicit final class ClientOverrideConfigurationBuilderOps extends AnyVal
  3. abstract class GeoTiffS3WriteMethods[T <: CellGrid[Int]] extends S3RasterMethods[GeoTiff[T]]
  4. abstract class JpgS3WriteMethods extends S3RasterMethods[Jpg]
  5. abstract class PngS3WriteMethods extends S3RasterMethods[Png]
  6. class S3AttributeStore extends BlobLayerAttributeStore

    Stores and retrieves layer attributes in an S3 bucket in JSON format

  7. implicit final class S3ClientExtension extends AnyVal
  8. class S3CollectionLayerProvider extends AttributeStoreProvider with ValueReaderProvider with CollectionLayerReaderProvider

    Provides S3LayerReader instance for URI with s3 scheme.

    Provides S3LayerReader instance for URI with s3 scheme. The uri represents S3 bucket an prefix of catalog root. ex: s3://<bucket>/<prefix-to-catalog>

  9. class S3CollectionLayerReader extends CollectionLayerReader[LayerId]

    Handles reading raster RDDs and their metadata from S3.

  10. class S3CollectionReader extends Serializable
  11. class S3LayerCopier extends LayerCopier[LayerId]
  12. class S3LayerDeleter extends LayerDeleter[LayerId]
  13. case class S3LayerHeader(keyClass: String, valueClass: String, bucket: String, key: String, layerType: LayerType = AvroLayerType) extends LayerHeader with Product with Serializable
  14. trait S3RasterMethods[T] extends MethodExtensions[T]
  15. class S3ValueReader extends OverzoomingValueReader
  16. implicit class withGeoTiffS3WriteMethods[T <: CellGrid[Int]] extends GeoTiffS3WriteMethods[T]
  17. implicit class withJpgS3WriteMethods extends JpgS3WriteMethods
  18. implicit class withPngS3WriteMethods extends PngS3WriteMethods

Value Members

  2. object S3AttributeStore extends Serializable
  3. object S3ClientProducer

    Singleton which can be used to customize the default S3 client used throughout geotrellis

    Singleton which can be used to customize the default S3 client used throughout geotrellis

    Various classes are loaded based on URI patterns and because SPI requires parameterless constructors, it is necessary to register any customizations to the S3Client that should be applied by default here.

  4. object S3CollectionLayerReader
  5. object S3LayerCopier
  6. object S3LayerDeleter
  7. object S3LayerHeader extends Serializable
  8. object S3LayerMover
  9. object S3ValueReader

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