package hbase

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Type Members

  1. class HBaseAttributeStore extends DiscreteLayerAttributeStore
  2. class HBaseCollectionLayerProvider extends AttributeStoreProvider with ValueReaderProvider with CollectionLayerReaderProvider

    Provides HBaseAttributeStore instance for URI with hbase scheme.

    Provides HBaseAttributeStore instance for URI with hbase scheme. ex: hbase://zookeeper[:port][?master=host][?attributes=table1[&layers=table2]]

    Metadata table name is optional, not provided default value will be used. Layers table name is required to instantiate a LayerWriter

  3. class HBaseCollectionLayerReader extends CollectionLayerReader[LayerId]
  4. case class HBaseInstance(configuration: SerializableConfiguration) extends Serializable with Product
  5. case class HBaseLayerHeader(keyClass: String, valueClass: String, tileTable: String, layerType: LayerType = AvroLayerType) extends LayerHeader with Product with Serializable
  6. class HBaseValueReader extends OverzoomingValueReader

Value Members

  1. def hbaseLayerIdString(layerId: LayerId): String
  2. val hbaseSEP: String
  3. val hbaseTileColumnFamily: String
  4. implicit def intToBytes(i: Int): Array[Byte]
  5. implicit def longToBytes(l: Long): Array[Byte]
  6. implicit def stringToBytes(str: String): Array[Byte]
  7. implicit def stringToTableName(str: String): TableName
  8. object HBaseAttributeStore extends Serializable
  9. object HBaseCollectionLayerReader
  10. object HBaseCollectionReader
  11. object HBaseInstance extends Serializable
  12. object HBaseKeyEncoder
  13. object HBaseLayerHeader extends Serializable
  14. object HBaseValueReader

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