package accumulo

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Type Members

  1. class AccumuloAttributeStore extends DiscreteLayerAttributeStore
  2. class AccumuloCollectionLayerProvider extends AttributeStoreProvider with CollectionLayerReaderProvider with ValueReaderProvider

    Provides AccumuloAttributeStore instance for URI with accumulo scheme.

    Provides AccumuloAttributeStore instance for URI with accumulo scheme. ex: accumulo://[user[:password]@]zookeeper/instance-name[?attributes=table1[&layers=table2]]

    Attributes table name is optional, not provided default value will be used. Layers table name is required to instantiate a LayerWriter

  3. class AccumuloCollectionLayerReader extends CollectionLayerReader[LayerId]
  4. trait AccumuloInstance extends Serializable
  5. class AccumuloLayerDeleter extends LayerDeleter[LayerId]
  6. case class AccumuloLayerHeader(keyClass: String, valueClass: String, tileTable: String, layerType: LayerType = AvroLayerType) extends LayerHeader with Product with Serializable
  7. class AccumuloValueReader extends OverzoomingValueReader
  8. case class BaseAccumuloInstance(instanceName: String, zookeeper: String, user: String, tokenBytes: (String, Array[Byte])) extends AccumuloInstance with Product with Serializable
  9. trait Implicits extends AnyRef
  10. trait AccumuloEncoder[T] extends AnyRef
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  11. implicit class connectorWriter extends AnyRef
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  12. implicit class scannerIterator extends Iterator[(Key, Value)]
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Value Members

  1. def columnFamily(id: LayerId): String
  2. implicit def stringToText(s: String): Text
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  3. object AccumuloAttributeStore extends Serializable
  4. object AccumuloCollectionLayerReader
  5. object AccumuloCollectionReader
  6. object AccumuloInstance extends Serializable
  7. object AccumuloKeyEncoder
  8. object AccumuloLayerDeleter
  9. object AccumuloLayerHeader extends Serializable
  10. object AccumuloUtils
  11. object AccumuloValueReader
  12. object Implicits extends Implicits

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