package hadoop

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Type Members

  1. abstract class GeoTiffHadoopWriteMethods[T <: CellGrid[Int]] extends HadoopRasterMethods[GeoTiff[T]]
  2. class HadoopAttributeStore extends BlobLayerAttributeStore
  3. case class HadoopCatalogConfig(compressionFactor: Double, metadataFileName: String, layerDataDir: (LayerId) ⇒ String) extends Product with Serializable
  4. class HadoopCollectionLayerProvider extends AttributeStoreProvider with ValueReaderProvider with CollectionLayerReaderProvider
  5. class HadoopCollectionLayerReader extends CollectionLayerReader[LayerId]

    Handles reading raster RDDs and their metadata from S3.

  6. class HadoopCollectionReader extends Serializable
  7. class HadoopLayerCopier extends LayerCopier[LayerId]
  8. class HadoopLayerDeleter extends LayerDeleter[LayerId]
  9. case class HadoopLayerHeader(keyClass: String, valueClass: String, path: URI, layerType: LayerType = AvroLayerType) extends LayerHeader with Product with Serializable
  10. class HadoopLayerMover extends LayerMover[LayerId]
  11. trait HadoopRasterMethods[T] extends MethodExtensions[T]
  12. class HadoopValueReader extends OverzoomingValueReader
  13. trait Implicits extends AnyRef
  14. implicit class withGeoTiffHadoopWriteMethods[T <: CellGrid[Int]] extends GeoTiffHadoopWriteMethods[T]
    Definition Classes
  15. implicit class withHadoopConfigurationMethods extends MethodExtensions[Configuration]
    Definition Classes
  16. implicit class withJpgHadoopWriteMethods extends JpgHadoopWriteMethods
    Definition Classes
  17. implicit class withPngHadoopWriteMethods extends PngHadoopWriteMethods
    Definition Classes
  18. abstract class JpgHadoopWriteMethods extends HadoopRasterMethods[Jpg]
  19. abstract class PngHadoopWriteMethods extends HadoopRasterMethods[Png]
  20. case class SerializableConfiguration(value: Configuration) extends Serializable with Product

    From Spark codebase.

    From Spark codebase. Allows us to use the Hadoop Configuration in serializable tasks

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