package compression

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Type Members

  1. trait Compression extends Serializable
  2. trait Compressor extends Serializable
  3. trait Decompressor extends Serializable
  4. case class DeflateCompression(level: Int = Deflater.DEFAULT_COMPRESSION) extends Compression with Product with Serializable

    Compression level: 0 - 9lvl, default is -1, see Deflater docs for more information

  5. class DeflateDecompressor extends Decompressor
  6. class JpegDecompressor extends Decompressor
  7. class LZWDecompressor extends Decompressor
  8. class PackBitsDecompressor extends Decompressor
  9. trait Predictor extends Serializable
  10. class TokenTableEntry extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object Compression extends Serializable
  2. object Decompressor extends Serializable
  3. object DeflateCompression extends DeflateCompression
  4. object FloatingPointPredictor

    See TIFF Technical Note 3

  5. object HorizontalPredictor
  6. object JpegDecompressor extends Serializable
  7. object LZWDecompressor extends Serializable
  8. object NoCompression extends Compression with Compressor with Decompressor
  9. object PackBitsDecompressor extends Serializable
  10. object Predictor extends Serializable
  11. object TokenTable
  12. object YCbCrConverter

    Fast YCbCr to RGB conversion.

    Fast YCbCr to RGB conversion. Ported from Twelvemonkeys