package hadoop

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Type Members

  1. abstract class GeoTiffHadoopSparkWriteMethods[T <: CellGrid[Int]] extends GeoTiffHadoopWriteMethods[T] with HadoopSparkRasterMethods[GeoTiff[T]]
  2. case class HadoopGeoTiffInfoReader(path: String, config: SerializableConfiguration, tiffExtensions: Seq[String] = ..., streaming: Boolean = true) extends GeoTiffInfoReader with Product with Serializable
  3. class HadoopLayerManager extends LayerManager[LayerId]
  4. class HadoopLayerReader extends FilteringLayerReader[LayerId]

    Handles reading raster RDDs and their metadata from S3.

  5. class HadoopLayerWriter extends LayerWriter[LayerId]
  6. trait HadoopSparkContextMethods extends AnyRef
  7. class HadoopSparkLayerProvider extends HadoopCollectionLayerProvider with LayerReaderProvider with LayerWriterProvider

    Provides HadoopAttributeStore instance for URI with hdfs, hdfs+file, s3n, s3a, wasb and wasbs schemes.

    Provides HadoopAttributeStore instance for URI with hdfs, hdfs+file, s3n, s3a, wasb and wasbs schemes. The uri represents Hadoop Path of catalog root. wasb and wasbs provide support for the Hadoop Azure connector. Additional configuration is required for this. This Provider intentinally does not handle the s3 scheme because the Hadoop implemintation is poor. That support is provided by HadoopAttributeStore

  8. trait HadoopSparkRasterMethods[T] extends HadoopRasterMethods[T]
  9. trait Implicits extends AnyRef
  10. implicit class HadoopSparkContextMethodsWrapper extends HadoopSparkContextMethods
    Definition Classes
  11. implicit class withGeoTiffSparkHadoopWriteMethods[T <: CellGrid[Int]] extends GeoTiffHadoopSparkWriteMethods[T]
    Definition Classes
  12. implicit class withHadoopAttributeStoreMethods extends MethodExtensions[HadoopAttributeStore.type]
    Definition Classes
  13. implicit class withHadoopCollectionLayerReaderMethods extends MethodExtensions[HadoopCollectionLayerReader.type]
    Definition Classes
  14. implicit class withHadoopLayerCopierMethods extends MethodExtensions[HadoopLayerCopier.type]
    Definition Classes
  15. implicit class withHadoopLayerDeleterMethods extends MethodExtensions[HadoopLayerDeleter.type]
    Definition Classes
  16. implicit class withHadoopValueReaderMethods extends MethodExtensions[HadoopValueReader.type]
    Definition Classes
  17. implicit class withJpgHadoopSparkWriteMethods extends JpgHadoopSparkWriteMethods
    Definition Classes
  18. implicit class withPngHadoopSparkWriteMethods extends PngHadoopSparkWriteMethods
    Definition Classes
  19. implicit class withSaveBytesToHadoopMethods[K] extends SaveBytesToHadoopMethods[K]
    Definition Classes
  20. implicit class withSaveToHadoopMethods[K, V] extends SaveToHadoopMethods[K, V]
    Definition Classes
  21. abstract class JpgHadoopSparkWriteMethods extends JpgHadoopWriteMethods with HadoopSparkRasterMethods[Jpg]
  22. class KeyPartitioner[K] extends Partitioner
  23. abstract class PngHadoopSparkWriteMethods extends PngHadoopWriteMethods with HadoopSparkRasterMethods[Png]
  24. class SaveBytesToHadoopMethods[K] extends AnyRef
  25. class SaveToHadoopMethods[K, V] extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object HadoopGeoTiffRDD

    Allows for reading of whole or windowed GeoTiff as RDD[(K, V)]s through Hadoop FileSystem API.

  2. object HadoopGeoTiffReader
  3. object HadoopJpgReader
  4. object HadoopLayerReader
  5. object HadoopLayerReindexer
  6. object HadoopLayerWriter
  7. object HadoopPngReader
  8. object HadoopRDDReader
  9. object HadoopRDDWriter
  10. object Implicits extends Implicits
  11. object KeyPartitioner extends Serializable
  12. object SaveToHadoop

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