package clip

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Type Members

  1. trait FeatureClipToGridMethods[G <: Geometry, D] extends MethodExtensions[RDD[Feature[G, D]]]

    See ClipToGrid.

  2. trait GeometryClipToGridMethods[G <: Geometry] extends MethodExtensions[RDD[G]]

    See ClipToGrid.

  3. trait Implicits extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object ClipToGrid

    These functions perform the following transformation:

    These functions perform the following transformation:

    RDD[Geometry] => RDD[(SpatialKey, Geometry)]

    such that each original Geometry is clipped in some way. By default, this clips them to fit inside the Extent of each SpatialKey they touch.

    If you'd like more customized clipping behaviour, you can compose over the clipFeatureToExtent function below, or write your own entirely, while following its type signature. That can then be passed into the appropriate apply method below.

    A variety of overloads are provided here to help you work with either Geometry or Feature. The injected

    RDD[Geometry].clipToGrid: LayoutDefinition => RDD[(SpatialKey, Geometry)]

    may also be preferable to you.

    Note: If your custom clipping function relies on Predicates, note that its method coveredBy will always return true if your Geometry fits inside the passed-in Extent. Please avoid writing clipping functions that do non-sensical things.

  2. object Implicits extends Implicits