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Type Members

  1. trait Boundable[K] extends Serializable

    This type class marks K as point that can be bounded in space.

    This type class marks K as point that can be bounded in space. It is used to construct bounding hypercube for a set of Ks.

    The bounds must be calculated by taking min/max of each component dimension of K. Consequently the result may be neither a nor b, but a new value.

  2. sealed trait Bounds[+A] extends Product with Serializable

    Represents a region of discrete space, bounding it by minimum and maximum points.

    Represents a region of discrete space, bounding it by minimum and maximum points. The bounds maybe EmptyBounds as result of intersection operation.

    The dimensionality of region is implied by the dimensionality of type parameter A. Boundable typeclass is required to manipulate instance of A.

    Conceptually this ADT is similar Option[KeyBounds[A]] but adds methods convenient for testing and forming region intersection, union and mutation.


    Type of keys, or points in descrete space

  3. implicit final class CRSWorldExtent extends AnyVal
  4. abstract class CellGridLayoutCollectionMethods[K, V <: CellGrid[Int], M] extends MethodExtensions[Seq[(K, V)] with Metadata[M]]
  5. class ContextCollection[K, V, M] extends Seq[(K, V)] with Metadata[M]
  6. class FloatingLayoutScheme extends LayoutScheme
  7. implicit class GeoTiffInfoMethods extends AnyRef
  8. case class GlobalLayout(tileSize: Int, zoom: Int, threshold: Double) extends LayoutType with Product with Serializable

  9. trait Implicits extends layer.merge.Implicits with layer.buffer.Implicits with CrsFormats with layer.stitch.Implicits with layer.mapalgebra.Implicits with layer.mapalgebra.focal.Implicits with layer.mapalgebra.focal.hillshade.Implicits with layer.mapalgebra.local.Implicits with layer.mapalgebra.local.temporal.Implicits with layer.mask.Implicits
  10. implicit class TileToLayoutOps extends AnyRef
    Definition Classes
  11. implicit class WithContextCollectionWrapper[K, V, M] extends AnyRef
    Definition Classes
  12. implicit class withCellGridLayoutCollectionMethods[K, V <: CellGrid[Int], M] extends CellGridLayoutCollectionMethods[K, V, M]
    Definition Classes
  13. implicit class withTileLayerCollectionMethods[K] extends TileLayerCollectionMethods[K]
    Definition Classes
  14. case class KeyBounds[+K](minKey: K, maxKey: K) extends Bounds[K] with Product with Serializable

    Represents non-empty region of descrete space.

    Represents non-empty region of descrete space. Any key which is greater than or equal to minKey and less then or equal to maxKey in each individual dimension is part of the region described by these Bounds.


    Minimum key of the region, inclusive.


    Maximum key of the region, inclusive.

  15. trait KeyExtractor[K] extends Serializable
  16. case class LayoutDefinition(extent: Extent, tileLayout: TileLayout) extends GridExtent[Long] with Product with Serializable

    Defines tiled raster layout

    Defines tiled raster layout


    extent covered by the layout tiles, could be greater than extent of data in the layer


    tile layout (tile cols, tile rows, tile pixel size)

  17. case class LayoutLevel(zoom: Int, layout: LayoutDefinition) extends Product with Serializable
  18. trait LayoutScheme extends Serializable

    A LayoutScheme is something that provides LayoutLevels based on an integer id or an extent and cellsize.

    A LayoutScheme is something that provides LayoutLevels based on an integer id or an extent and cellsize. The resolution of the tiles for the LayoutLevel returned will not necessarily match the CellSize provided, but an appropriately close selection will be made.

    It also provides methods for next zoomed out tile layout level.

  19. class LayoutTileSource[K] extends AnyRef

    Reads tiles by key from a RasterSource as keyed by a LayoutDefinition

    Reads tiles by key from a RasterSource as keyed by a LayoutDefinition


    It is required that the RasterSource is pixel aligned with the LayoutDefinition

  20. sealed trait LayoutType extends AnyRef

    Strategy for selecting LayoutScheme before metadata is collected

  21. case class LocalLayout(tileCols: Int, tileRows: Int) extends LayoutType with Product with Serializable

  22. class LocalLayoutScheme extends LayoutScheme

    Layout scheme for building a local power of 2 pyramid.

    Layout scheme for building a local power of 2 pyramid. Zooming out will reduce raster pixel resolution by 2, while using minimum number of tiles. Layouts produced by this scheme will not be power of 2 however. Uneven layouts will pyramid up until they are reduced to a single tile.

  23. class MapKeyTransform extends Serializable

    Transforms between geographic map coordinates and spatial keys.

    Transforms between geographic map coordinates and spatial keys. Since geographic point can only be mapped to a grid tile that contains that point, transformation from Extent to GridBounds to Extent will likely not produce the original geographic extent, but a larger one.

  24. trait Metadata[M] extends AnyRef
  25. type MultibandRasterCollection[M] = Seq[Raster[MultibandTile]] with Metadata[M]
  26. type MultibandTileLayerCollection[K] = Seq[(K, MultibandTile)] with Metadata[TileLayerMetadata[K]]
  27. type RasterCollection[M] = Seq[Raster[Tile]] with Metadata[M]
  28. case class SpaceTimeKey(col: Int, row: Int, instant: Long) extends Product with Serializable
  29. type SpatialComponent[K] = Component[K, SpatialKey]
  30. case class SpatialKey(col: Int, row: Int) extends Product2[Int, Int] with Product with Serializable

    A SpatialKey designates the spatial positioning of a layer's tile.

  31. type TemporalComponent[K] = Component[K, TemporalKey]
  32. case class TemporalKey(instant: Long) extends Product with Serializable

    A TemporalKey designates the temporal positioning of a layer's tile.

  33. trait TemporalKeyExtractor extends KeyExtractor[SpaceTimeKey]
  34. case class TemporalProjectedExtent(extent: Extent, crs: CRS, instant: Long) extends Product with Serializable

    A key for a Tile with temporal as well as spatial dimension

  35. type TileBounds = GridBounds[Int]
  36. type TileLayerCollection[K] = Seq[(K, Tile)] with Metadata[TileLayerMetadata[K]]
  37. abstract class TileLayerCollectionMethods[K] extends MethodExtensions[TileLayerCollection[K]]
  38. case class TileLayerMetadata[K](cellType: CellType, layout: LayoutDefinition, extent: Extent, crs: CRS, bounds: Bounds[K]) extends Product with Serializable


    value type of each cell


    definition of the tiled raster layout


    Extent covering the source data


    CRS of the raster projection

  39. class ZoomedLayoutScheme extends LayoutScheme

    Layout for zoom levels based off of a power-of-2 scheme, used in Leaflet et al.

  40. implicit class withCollectionsBufferTilesMethodsWrapper[K, V <: CellGrid[Int]] extends CollectionBufferTilesMethods[K, V]
    Definition Classes
  41. implicit class withCollectionCombineMethods[K, V] extends CollectionCombineMethods[K, V]
    Definition Classes
  42. implicit class withCollectionCombineTraversableMethods[K, V] extends AnyRef
    Definition Classes
  43. implicit class withCollectionMapValuesOptionMethods[K, V] extends MethodExtensions[Seq[(K, (V, Option[V]))]]
    Definition Classes
  44. implicit class withCollectionMapValuesTupleMethods[K, V] extends MethodExtensions[Seq[(K, (V, V))]]
    Definition Classes
  45. implicit class withFocalTileLayerCollectionMethods[K] extends CollectionFocalOperation[K] with FocalTileLayerCollectionMethods[K]
    Definition Classes
  46. implicit class withElevationTileLayerCollectionMethods[K] extends CollectionFocalOperation[K] with HillshadeTileLayerCollectionMethods[K] with Serializable
    Definition Classes
  47. implicit class withLocalTileCollectionMethods[K] extends LocalTileCollectionMethods[K]
    Definition Classes
  48. implicit class withLocalTileCollectionSeqMethods[K] extends LocalTileCollectionSeqMethods[K]
    Definition Classes
  49. implicit class withLocalTemporalTileCollectionMethods[K] extends LocalTemporalTileCollectionMethods[K]
    Definition Classes
  50. implicit class withTileCollectionMaskMethods[K, V, M] extends TileCollectionMaskMethods[K, V, M]
    Definition Classes
  51. implicit class withMergableMethods[T] extends MethodExtensions[T]
    Definition Classes
  52. implicit class withSpatialTileCollectionMethods[V <: CellGrid[Int]] extends SpatialTileCollectionStitchMethods[V]
    Definition Classes
  53. implicit class withSpatialTileLayoutCollectionMethods[V <: CellGrid[Int], M] extends SpatialTileLayoutCollectionStitchMethods[V, M]
    Definition Classes

Value Members

  1. implicit val crsDecoder: Decoder[CRS]
    Definition Classes
  2. implicit val crsEncoder: Encoder[CRS]
    Definition Classes
  3. implicit val jsonCrsDecoder: Decoder[JsonCRS]
    Definition Classes
  4. implicit val jsonCrsEncoder: Encoder[JsonCRS]
    Definition Classes
  5. implicit val linkedCRSDecoder: Decoder[LinkedCRS]
    Definition Classes
  6. implicit val linkedCRSEncoder: Encoder[LinkedCRS]
    Definition Classes
  7. implicit def longToInstant(millis: Long): Instant
    Definition Classes
  8. implicit val namedCRSDecoder: Decoder[NamedCRS]
    Definition Classes
  9. implicit val namedCRSEncoder: Encoder[NamedCRS]
    Definition Classes
  10. implicit def tileLayerMetadataToMapKeyTransform[K](tm: TileLayerMetadata[K]): MapKeyTransform

    Necessary for Contains.forPoint query

    Necessary for Contains.forPoint query

    Definition Classes
  11. implicit def withCrsDecoder[T](implicit arg0: Decoder[T]): Decoder[WithCrs[T]]
    Definition Classes
  12. implicit def withCrsEncoder[T](implicit arg0: Encoder[T]): Encoder[WithCrs[T]]
    Definition Classes
  13. object Boundable extends Serializable
  14. object Bounds extends Serializable
  15. object ContextCollection
  16. object EmptyBounds extends Bounds[Nothing] with Product with Serializable

    Represents empty region of space.

    Represents empty region of space. Empty region contains no possible key.

  17. object FloatingLayoutScheme extends Serializable
  18. object Implicits extends Implicits
  19. object KeyBounds extends Serializable
  20. object KeyExtractor extends Serializable
  21. object LayoutDefinition extends Serializable
  22. object LayoutLevel extends Serializable
  23. object LayoutTileSource
  24. object LocalLayout extends Serializable
  25. object LocalLayoutScheme extends Serializable
  26. object MapKeyTransform extends Serializable
  27. object MultibandTileLayerCollection
  28. object SpaceTimeKey extends Serializable
  29. object SpatialKey extends Serializable
  30. object TemporalKey extends Serializable
  31. object TemporalKeyExtractor extends Serializable
  32. object TemporalProjectedExtent extends Serializable
  33. object TileLayerCollection
  34. object TileLayerMetadata extends Serializable
  35. object ZoomedLayoutScheme extends Serializable

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