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Type Members

  1. class BareRasterSourceBuilder extends SourceBuilder[Raster, RasterSource]

    Builder for a RasterSource where the RasterDefinition is not known, and requires evaluation of the single Raster inside the tiles.

  2. trait CanBuildSourceFrom[-From, Elem, +To] extends AnyRef

  3. trait DataSource[+T, +V] extends DataSourceLike[T, V, DataSource[T, V]]

    Represents a data source that may be distributed across machines (logical data source) or loaded in memory on a specific machine.

  4. case class DataSourceBuilder[E, V](convergeFunction: (Op[Seq[Op[E]]]) ⇒ Op[V]) extends SourceBuilder[E, DataSource[E, V]] with Product with Serializable

    Bulid a data source with a converging function.

  5. trait DataSourceLike[+T, +V, +Repr <: DataSource[T, V]] extends AnyRef

  6. implicit class DataSourceSeqWrapper[T] extends AnyRef

  7. type HistogramSource = DataSource[Histogram, Histogram]

  8. trait Priority1Implicits extends Priority2Implicits

  9. trait Priority2Implicits extends AnyRef

  10. case class RasterDefinition(layerId: LayerId, rasterExtent: RasterExtent, tileLayout: TileLayout, rasterType: RasterType, catalogued: Boolean = true) extends Product with Serializable

  11. class RasterSource extends RasterSourceLike[RasterSource]

  12. class RasterSourceBuilder extends SourceBuilder[Raster, RasterSource]

  13. trait RasterSourceLike[+Repr <: RasterSource] extends DataSourceLike[Raster, Raster, RasterSource] with DataSource[Raster, Raster] with LocalOpMethods[RasterSource] with FocalOpMethods[RasterSource] with GlobalOpMethods[RasterSource] with ZonalOpMethods[RasterSource] with ZonalSummaryOpMethods[RasterSource] with HydrologyOpMethods[RasterSource] with StatOpMethods[RasterSource] with IoOpMethods[RasterSource] with RenderOpMethods[RasterSource]

  14. case class RasterSourceSeq(seq: Seq[RasterSource]) extends Product with Serializable

    This class gives the ability to apply a local operation that reduces a sequence of rasters to a set of rasters that are loaded in parallel.

  15. type SeqSource[+T] = DataSource[T, Seq[T]]

  16. trait SourceBuilder[Elem, +To] extends AnyRef

  17. class ValueSource[+T] extends ValueSourceLike[T, ValueSource[T]]

  18. class ValueSourceBuilder[E] extends SourceBuilder[E, ValueSource[E]]

    Bulid a data source with a single value.

  19. trait ValueSourceLike[+T, +Repr <: ValueSource[T]] extends DataSourceLike[T, T, ValueSource[T]] with DataSource[T, T]

Value Members

  1. object CanBuildSourceFrom extends Priority1Implicits

  2. object DataSource

  3. object RasterDefinition extends Serializable

  4. object RasterSource

  5. object RasterSourceBuilder

  6. object ValueSource

  7. implicit def dataSourceSeqToSeqSource[T](iterable: Iterable[DataSource[_, T]]): SeqSource[T]

  8. implicit def iterableRasterSourceToRasterSourceSeq(iterable: Iterable[RasterSource]): RasterSourceSeq

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