package geotrellis

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Type Members

  1. class ArrayGenRasterData [T] extends GenRasterData[T] with Serializable

  2. class ArrayRasterData extends RasterData with Serializable

  3. case class Extent (xmin: Double, ymin: Double, xmax: Double, ymax: Double) extends Product with Serializable

    An Extent represents a rectangular region of geographic space (with a particular projection).

  4. case class ExtentRangeError (msg: String) extends Exception with Product with Serializable

  5. class GenRaster [T] extends Serializable

  6. trait GenRasterData [T] extends AnyRef

    GenRasterData provides access and update to the grid data of a raster.

  7. case class GeoAttrsError (msg: String) extends Exception with Product with Serializable

  8. class IntRaster extends Serializable

  9. trait NoData [T] extends AnyRef

    Used to associate a type parameter T with a particular value which geotrellis uses as the "nodata value".

  10. trait RasterData extends AnyRef

    RasterData provides access and update to the grid data of a raster.

  11. case class RasterExtent (extent: Extent, cellwidth: Double, cellheight: Double, cols: Int, rows: Int) extends Product with Serializable

    RasterExtent objects represent the geographic extent (envelope) of a raster.

Value Members

  1. object ArrayGenRasterData extends Serializable

  2. object ArrayRasterData extends Serializable

  3. object GenRaster extends Serializable

  4. object IntRaster extends Serializable

  5. val NODATA : Int(-2147483648)

    Definition Classes
  6. object NoData extends AnyRef

    Companion object containing some no data values for types geotrellis supports.

  7. package benchmark

  8. package data

  9. package geometry

  10. package operation

  11. package process

  12. package raster

  13. package rest

  14. package run

  15. package stat

  16. package util