package statistics

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Type Members

  1. class ArrayHistogram extends MutableHistogram

    Data object representing a histogram that uses an array for internal storage.

  2. class CompressedArrayHistogram extends ArrayHistogram

    Data object representing a histogram using an array for internal storage, which requires an initial minimum and maximum val and a specified number of 'breaks' which are used to group values together into ranges.

  3. case class ConstantHistogram(value: Int, size: Int) extends Histogram with Product with Serializable

  4. class FastMapHistogram extends MutableHistogram

  5. trait Histogram extends Serializable

    Data object representing a histogram of values.

  6. class MapHistogram extends MutableHistogram

    Data object representing a histogram that uses a Map (as in hashtable map/dictionary) for internal storage.

  7. abstract class MutableHistogram extends Histogram

  8. case class Statistics(mean: Double = scala.Double.NaN, median: Int = geotrellis.`package`.NODATA, mode: Int = geotrellis.`package`.NODATA, stddev: Double = scala.Double.NaN, zmin: Int = geotrellis.`package`.NODATA, zmax: Int = geotrellis.`package`.NODATA) extends Product with Serializable

    Data object for sharing the basic statistics about a raster or region.

Value Members

  1. object ArrayHistogram extends Serializable

  2. object CompressedArrayHistogram extends Serializable

  3. object FastMapHistogram extends Serializable

  4. object MapHistogram extends Serializable

  5. object Statistics extends Serializable

  6. package op