package arg

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Type Members

  1. case class ArgWriter(typ: RasterType) extends Writer with Product with Serializable

    ArgWriter will write a raster to disk in ARG format.

  2. trait CellWriter extends AnyRef

  3. trait FloatCellWriter extends CellWriter

  4. class Int16ReadState extends IntNReadState

  5. final class Int1ReadState extends ReadState

  6. class Int32ReadState extends IntNReadState

  7. class Int8ReadState extends IntNReadState

  8. trait IntCellWriter extends CellWriter

  9. abstract class IntNReadState extends IntReadState

Value Members

  1. object ArgReader extends FileReader

  2. object BoolCellWriter extends CellWriter

  3. object CellWriter

  4. object Float32CellWriter extends FloatCellWriter

  5. object Float64CellWriter extends FloatCellWriter

  6. object Int16CellWriter extends IntCellWriter

  7. object Int32CellWriter extends IntCellWriter

  8. object Int8CellWriter extends IntCellWriter