package geometry

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Type Members

  1. trait Feature extends UsesCoords

    Features are pieces of geometry with a value and/or attributes.

  2. class LineString extends Feature

    A line string is a a series of (x, y) points connected by line segments.

  3. case class MultiPolygon(polygons: Array[Polygon], value: Int, attrs: Map[String, Any]) extends Feature with Product with Serializable

  4. class Point extends Feature

    Point represents a simple (x,y) coordinate.

  5. class Polygon extends Feature

    A polygon is a series of (x,y) points connected by line segments (like LineString) but with the last and first points also connected.

  6. trait UsesCoords extends AnyRef

    Turn tuples into JtsCoordinates.

Value Members

  1. object Factory extends UsesCoords

    Factory wraps GeometryFactory, which is used to build various JTS objects.

  2. object LineString extends UsesCoords

  3. object Point extends UsesCoords

  4. object Polygon extends UsesCoords

  5. package grid

  6. package rasterizer