package data

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Type Members

  1. abstract class ArgFloatNReadState extends ReadState

  2. final class AsciiReadState extends IntReadState

  3. trait BasePgTypes extends AnyRef

  4. case class ColorBreaks(breaks: Array[(Int, Int)]) extends Product with Serializable

    Data object to represent class breaks, stored as an array of ranges.

  5. abstract class ColorChooser extends AnyRef

    Abstract class for generating colors for class breaks.

  6. case class ColorMapper(cb: ColorBreaks, nodataColor: Int) extends (Int) ⇒ Int with Product with Serializable

    Mapper which wraps color breaks and

  7. abstract class ColorRangeChooser extends ColorChooser

    Abstract class for generating a range of colors.

  8. trait FileReader extends Reader

  9. class Float32ReadState extends ArgFloatNReadState

  10. class Float64ReadState extends ArgFloatNReadState

  11. final class GeoTiffReadState extends IntReadState

  12. trait IntReadState extends ReadState

  13. case class LinearColorRangeChooser(color1: Int, color2: Int) extends ColorRangeChooser with Product with Serializable

    Generates colors between an initial color and an end color.

  14. case class MultiColorRangeChooser(colors: Array[Int]) extends ColorRangeChooser with Product with Serializable

    Generates a range of colors from an array of initial colors.

  15. class PgTypes extends BasePgTypes

  16. case class PostgisFeatureReader(database: String, host: String, port: String, table: String, username: String, password: String) extends Product with Serializable

  17. class PostgresReader extends AnyRef

    PostgresReader wraps a JDBC connection to a Postgres database.

  18. final class RasterReadState extends ReadState

  19. trait ReadState extends AnyRef

  20. trait Reader extends AnyRef

  21. class TileReader extends AnyRef

  22. trait Writer extends AnyRef

Value Members

  1. object AsciiReader extends FileReader

  2. object AsciiWriter extends Writer

  3. object Blender extends AnyRef

    Color blender used for generating symbology for class breaks.

  4. object Color extends AnyRef

  5. object FileExtensionRegexes extends AnyRef

    Regular expressions to identify data format file extensions.

  6. object GeoTiffReader extends FileReader

  7. object GeoTiffWriter extends Writer

    This GeoTiffWriter is deprecated.

  8. object PgTypes extends BasePgTypes

  9. object PgUtil extends AnyRef

  10. object PostgisFeatureReader extends Serializable

  11. object Postgres extends AnyRef

    Object containing methods for connecting to Postgres using JDBC.

  12. object RasterReader extends Reader

  13. package arg

  14. package geotiff

  15. package png